The American Revel-ution:
Greene Dragon invites all
patriotic revelers to join the
American Revel-ution, a fun and freewheeling independence movement from President-Select George II and his corporate monarchy. 

Photo by Fred Askew

Jonny America on the cover of
New York Magazine

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Marilyn Monroe Doctrine


Some Recent Events

NOW rally to oppose Roberts' nomination
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005,
Union Square Park, NYC

National Organization for Women - New York City,
hosted a rally to oppose the Nomination of
John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

photos by y Stanley W. Rogouski
more photos of this event at:

Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005,
Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue, NYC

Gene Ruffini's play "Homeland" about the erosion of the constitution and the Bill of Rights under the Patriot Act.

Greene Dragon presented a post-show performance.



Friday, Sept. 9, 2005
The Tank
208 West 37th St, NYC
The Tank was pleased to host Drinking Liberally’s
“Rocking Liberally – A Progressive Coalition: Music for the Movement” with Jennifer O’Connor, Koester and Naysayer.

Billionaires for Bush and Greene Dragon made a special appearance and performed.

Photo by Fred Askew

Citizen's Bill of Rights against Corporate Tyranny

July 4th, 3pm

Steps of Federal Hall

26 Wall Street at Nassau St.


In honor of this historic holiday, we unfurled a modern-day Bill of Rights to protect America and its citizens from the perils of Corporate Tyranny.  Over two hundred persons gathered to watch the event, held on the steps of Federal Hall, the site of George Washington's first oath of office and where the original Bill of Rights was written.  After the performance, the bill was quickly covered with the signatures of both performers and dozens of  spectators,  heeding our forebears' charge to preserve democracy and the U.S. Constitution.  Help us now to implement these Rights and bring back a government that is truly of, by and for the people. (Click to read the Bill of Rights).


A post-signing toast was held at Washington's old watering hole, Fraunces Tavern.  This venerable tavern is where the first president said farewell to his victorious troops and, recapitulating that highly emotional moment, Greene Dragon founder  General Jonny America bid adieu to our Revel Army, as he now moves on to civilian life and other pursuits.  We then repaired to Williamsburg for  a revelous July 4th BBQ party at the East River Bar, where  members and supporters were entertained by Professor Space Jazz,  DJ Stylus, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and Freedom Phil.   General America (retired) presented many awards to the by-then seventeen-seventy sh*t-faced patriots for a diversity of accomplishments, including getting kicked out of lesbian bars.   The coming together of patriots old and new climaxed into a group hug that must have looked like a giant lam flag from above.

By the way, this 4th of July party was our one-year anniversary.  Last year, following the original declaration outline, we wrote up our own "Glossary of Tyranny" listing grievances against President-Select George II, proclaiming the people's independence from our current corporate monarchy, and offering a new vision of hope and government accountability for the future. (Click to read the Declaration).

Greene Dragon Celebrates World Environment Day by Declaring U.S. Independence from Oil;
Crash Billionaires For Bush's Party and Throw Texas Tea Overboard

Photo by Elke Dehner

That merry band of revelers who brought us Paula Reveres Ride during last summers Republican National Convention and Staten Island have struck again.

This time they snuck to a spot between piers 15 and 16 at South Street Seaport on June 4, where the Billionaires For Bush were having a little tea party. The Greene Dragon revelers, mindful of the Boston Tea Party, tiptoed their way into the center of the festivities, in front of an audience of Seaport tourists, and tossed the Billionaires vile Texas Tea, while declaring Americas independence from oil and other fossil fuels.  The Greene Dragon Patriots then captured the Billionaires and took them off to buy windmills for all .

Photo by Fred Askew